Left: Senex emerges as a character circa 2009; Right: a sneak preview of the lamia haunted Senex in Senex redux, 2012.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
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Senex Redux: the evolution of Senex
Welcome to a page where I give you a glimpse of how Senex is evolving. In 2008 (or it might have been earlier - can't remember), at the end of my Snake book, I wanted someone to go to an Aesciplion. So senex emerged as this stricken character.  Well, you can see the next evolution in the pages from the existing Senex work, in other places on this website.  In 2011, when I first dummied up this website, people started to press me to do something with Senex.  The final battering was my mother's enthusiasm and encouragement expressed earlier last month (i.e. in June 2012), and so a new Senex - Senex Redux - has started to take shape.  Apart from making more of an effort with the draughtmanship, I'm also leaving framed spaces for superimposing text, rather than inserting my hand-drawn scrawl.  Once the paintings are flat-bed scanned, we'll see how the text goes.  But that's another issue, and why these are simply glimpses...
Contacting Me
Interludus Comicus
Hecate points the way
Senex at the gates
Ascending the stairs
Hypnos and Thanatos
The Abyton

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